How to Stay Healthy and Sane!

Quadira’s Guide for staying healthy, now and always:

♥ Good health begins with the breath. The Sufis maintain that proper breathing is key to keeping our bodies healthy and vibrant. I just received this message from our Sufi leader a couple of days ago:

“Aside from practicing wise precautions it should be clear to us that fear freezes us, stops the flow of breath and is the enemy of mastery and health.” So let go of fear, and follow these practices.

Many people breathe shallowly and often rapidly, filling only the top 3rd of the lungs. Instead, practice breathing from your diaphragm. Place one hand on your belly and one on your low back. When you inhale, your belly expands, pushing your hands apart. When you exhale, pull your belly in, and your hands move closer together. Keep practicing this until it becomes automatic.

Elemental breathing is a wonderful tool for slowing down the breath, centering ourselves, and entering a deeply relaxed state. I will be adding a link to my video on this technique in the next day or two.

♥ Meditation is also an excellent way to slow and deepen the breath, which allows the heart rate to slow down, quiets the mind, and brings us  to a state of calm energy. There are hundreds of ways to meditate; find one that suits you best.

♥ Laughter Yoga (LY) is a wonderful healing tool that can raise our vibration, boost the immune system increase, endorphins, Seratonin, and dopamine (the feel-good chemicals), reduce pain, reduce worry, and raise oxygen levels. Ask me about my online Laughter Club.

♥ Minding the Mind We can so easily get caught up in thoughts of fear, panic, scarcity, lack and limitation! It takes a daily practice to watch our thoughts, discarding the negative ones and replacing those with positive thoughts. One of my favorite tools is the 5-Step Spiritual Mind Treatment, or SMT, as taught by Ernest Holmes, found of Science of Mind. This is a form of prayer that “treats” (or calms) our mind by acknowledging the that there is only One Being or Spirit or Goddess, that we are aligned with the One, that all we wish for or desire is already ours, and that we can simply give thanks that this is so and release the prayer. Experience a sample of SMT here

I have a personal daily practice that I say out loud: “All of my cells are healthy, whole, vital and vibrant, and every air sac in my lungs is healthy and well. Our bodies are amazing, capable of healing themselves with the right support, and our words do impact them.

♥ Eating Well: Eating wholesome, organically grown foods is key to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and well. In today’s world, our soils are depleted, so many foods grown commercially, by conglomerate farming, have little nutritional value. Our forebears grew produce in rich soil, fertilized with compost and manure, and the food was a lot healthier than it is today. Organic farmers today still aim to cultivate nutrient rich soils, so it is important to eat as much organically grown food as possible. If you’re not able to grow your own, shop at local Farmer’s Markets or health food stores for the best foods. If you want more guidance on improving your eating habits, send me a message.

♥ Vitamins and supplements can also boost our immune systems and keep us healthy and vibrant. Go here for recommended supplements to support good health.

♥ Essential Oils were the medicine of ancient China and Egypt, and have made a comeback today. There are several oils sold by Young Living Essential Oils that support the immune system, kill bacteria and viruses, and keep illnesses at bay. I also recommend several Thieves products, including the Household Cleaner, Spray (to sanitize surfaces and deodorize when traveling), Hand Soap, even the Thieves Hand Sanitizer. The Thieves products all contain oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary, which are all potent antibacterial, anti-viral oils.

You can join Young Living Here, as a customer (buying at retail prices) or as a distributor, and save by purchasing at wholesale. When you get to the section asking for your sponsor’s member number, enter 82,805, and list me as your enroller, too. That way I earn commission on any purchase.

I hope you will find these tips and tools helpful. They certainly work for me! Above all, do not panic and do not believe everything you hear/read about this virus! There is a LOT of misinformation out there, so verify “facts” on Snopes dot com or another fact-checking site. Keep from isolating, too, and from paranoia. If you are feeling lonely, scared, in need of comfort or prayer, reach out with a message or email and I shall happily reply via email or phone.

Remember to think positive, stay calm, and know that hugs are healthy! 🙂 You are so dearly loved and held in the arms of the Beloved. Fear not.

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