Coaching Clients

♥ What struck me most during our session was your passion & enthusiasm for laughter yoga & for the difference it can make in people’s lives. – Elisabeth S., IN

♥ I enjoyed working with you very much, and seeing the range of interests you help people explore. You have a comfortable style (with plenty of fun and laughter mixed in!) that helped me feel at ease and be willing to open up.  I liked that we could be very light-hearted in conversation about the Isle of Possibilities and while working through some surface issues; yet you’re also able to take a person into those deeply hidden places where they don’t want to go, in a safe and comfortable way, so that those old and limiting, even traumatic, experiences can be safely and easily released.  You have helped me clear some critical pieces from the past that have been preventing me from prospering in my business and my life.  I am excited to see how releasing those old patterns will free up my creativity and stop the cycles of self-sabotage that keep me from playing big in the world– Robin L., WA

♥ I recently had the pleasure of having a session with Quadira. I can assure you that if you choose to work with her you will receive 100% of her attention. She incorporates many modalities, such as prayer, hypnotherapy, and sacred song, while striving to find the ones best suited to your unique situation. During the session I felt a shift happen and I was able to let go of what was holding me back. I now feel more optimistic and ready to experience more joy in my life. – Lynora R., CA

Essential Alchemy (Hypnotherapy) Clients

♥ Quadira and her work with Essential Alchemy have been instrumental in my being able to overcome many years of addiction to marijuana.  It was amazing to me that after one session I had no cravings or withdrawal symptoms!  I had been a heavy user; it was an expensive habit, and it was gone after one session.  We have also worked on issues from childhood and on self esteem.  This has been a remarkable process.  I have recommended Quadira’s work to my friends. Thank you Quadira, my well being has been tremendously enhanced! – Nancy C., CA

♥ Quadira has helped me release childhood traumas painlessly, with insight and compassion, resulting in more lightness and energy.  Her use of Essential Oils gives a way to carry the healing forward into every day life. – Dorothy S., CA 

♥ Quadira’s guidance and sensitivity brought me through the most exquisite internal journey.  Her intuitive selection and use of Essential Oils for drawing out my feelings while keeping me safely grounded made the experience even more remarkable.  The oils are a powerful addition to the Alchemy process. – Jim L., MN  

♥ Appreciation and deep gratitude for Quadira, an elevated being who has guided me through 5 weeks of a long awaited healing process…. She provided strong and clear support, assisting me with courage and steadiness, allowing me to feel safe and nurtured with her powerful healing techniques, including guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and laughter yoga.

I had carried emotional pain, which settled in various parts of my body, (curiously mostly on the right side of my body) for the majority of my adult life.I have a sense of a clearing out, a timely, welcome release of trapped emotional and psychic pain. Today I am lighter in spirit and in body, as this stagnant energy is no longer residing in me. I look forward to accessing the tools and imagery that Quadira has equipped me with, in such loving yet powerful authority.

I feel so liberated and empowered! With much love, I realize that help became available at the right time. Thank you Quadira for sharing your healing gifts, wisdom, strength and perseverance. ~ Celia S., OR

Raindrop Therapy Clients

♥ I really liked the (Raindrop) treatment very much! I loved the different aromas, especially when you waved them under my nose and said to inhale…That was great, and an explanation of the different essential oils would be really cool too…because they are very special! I wanted to know what they are, and why you use them.  I felt very relaxed.  I really appreciate all of the personal “touches” during the treatment–anything that you did to make me feel more “comfy” was really appreciated. You have a very nice touch; thank you for being a sensitive & caring healer. –Kim B., CA

♥ Quadira is a very sweet and loving soul who provides Raindrop Therapy, a beautiful healing session with essential oils–very relaxing, nourishing and positive. Let Quadira know what the issues are & she may be able to help. –Kathi K., CA

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