Have you ever experienced the thrill of getting your first credit card? Or a new one? You might think, “Oh, goody, now I can buy that big toy/new wardrobe/take that trip I’ve been wanting for a long time!” If you have impeccable credit, you might qualify for a very low-income credit card. However, most of us have credit scores that are not so great, and end up with cards that offer 18-24.5% APR.

So we make our purchases and start making mimimum payments every month–to the tune of several times more than the cost of the purchase in interest alone. Credit card companies make a whole lot of money on our interest payments!

It’s time to stop the craziness! Ask for your Free savings report to learn how quickly you can become debt-free–and how much money you’ll save in the process! Once you’re out of debt, start putting those payments to work for you to build your wealth.

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