Fit and Free in ’23!

What if you could easily…

♥ Reduce pain, inflammation, & stress in your life and gain physical freedom
♥ Eat delicious foods & achieve your ideal weight
♥ Find joy in moving your body
♥ Create a healthy home environment
♥ Get out of debt quickly & build your wealth

Our minds and our bodies are powerful beyond belief. We have the ability to heal ourselves and change our lives for the better through clearing out old beliefs and replacing those with new.

By following the guidance our body’s inner wisdom for eating well, drinking plenty of pure water, supporting our systems with vitamins and supplements, moving our bodies with joy; by using essential oils for aromatherapy; and by engaging in the healing power of prayer, we can create the environment for our bodies to heal themselves.

We now also have the tools to create a healthy home environment, reduce debt quickly and take control of your finances!
Visit this page to learn more about healthy finances!

Are you ready to take charge of your health and wealth?
Let Quadira be your guide to Luminous Vitality! Call today for a free consultation! (530) 830-2453



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  1. I like what you offer and would like to see your website

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    1. Thank you for the note, Harriet! What would you like to know more about?


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