My Book is Launching On May 1st!!

Hello, Friends.

In addition to being a fiber artist, I am also a poet, writer, and Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School tradition.  This book that is a collection of our communion with the Goddess in all of her many forms.

Over the past two years, I’ve been working on a collaborative book in partnership with Priestess Presence Temple, published by Flower of Life Press called, Voices of the Avalonian Priestesses: Hearing the Call of Essence. This book that is a collection of our communion with and relationship to the Goddess in all of her many forms. What lies between the covers of this book is an invitation into remembrance—to slow down and stop for a moment to listen into your heart, and to receive the hearts and souls of a circle of women who have taken the Priestess Initiation journey to remember the Essence of who they are.

This is my sacred work and I am thrilled to be stepping forward to share it with the world at this time. It’s available as a beautiful, full-color print book and as an e-book. Look for an update on the morning of launch day, May 1st, with the link to purchase.

I am taking pre-orders now for bound copies of the book, which I will order and then ship to you. Price is $22.00 USD plus tax and shipping. The total will be between $27.00-$30.00, depending on where you live. I can also sign the book with a dedication if you wish, and include a hand made gift card with the book for an extra $5.00 (no additional fees for the card).

If you wish to order now, please send me a private message here with your address, number of books you wish to order, and if you want the book signed to someone particular and a hand made gift card as well, and I’ll send you an invoice with total cost. No international shipping at this time, due to restrictions.

Buying a print copy of the book will allow me to earn retail profit. Royalties from the online book will go to the Mystery School Temple, not to me. Buying through me is the only way I will receive any compensation.

I’d really appreciate it if you’d share this beautiful collection of divinely feminine writings with your community, family, and friends. The more people who can receive the powerful transmissions in this book, the more healing can happen.

Thank you from my heart and soul!

~ Quadira


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